Feast of Jochim and Anne- renewal of marriage vows

All MARRIED couples of the parish, as well as interested parishioners, are invited to a Mass for Married Couples on Friday 26th July at 5.00 p.m. at the Cathedral. Couples will have the opportunity to renew their marriage vows. However, please note that they must come as a couple (not by himself/herself). Fr. Martin, our Administrator, is asking that, as a sign of faithful love, couples bring their marriage certificates so that these may be placed on a specially adorned nuptial table.

For persons married in church who cannot locate their marriage certificates, a copy can be requested from the parish office of the church at which you were married.

Please note the Renewal of Marriage Vows and Nuptial Blessing is only for those PROPERLY MARRIED ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Couples who cannot renew vows are also invited e.g. Catholics who got married in the Warden’s Office, those in common-law relationships, divorced and remarried couples, and couples thinking of getting married, are all invited to this is Mass. Fr. Martin is happy to welcome you.

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