40 Days Rosary for Life

Our Archbishop Jason Gordon has asked that every Catholic join the Emmanuel Community (Apostolate of Life) in praying the ‘Forty Days Rosary for Life’ which started on Friday 31st July, 2019, commemoration of Our Lady of the Slain and ends on Sunday 8th September, 2019. Memorial of the Nativity of Our Lady.

We pray Intercessory Prayers for:

a .The Unborn

b. The Children of Our Nation

c. The Family

d. The Nation

e. The Catholic Church

As evidenced by the recent spate of violence, we are living in perilous times not only for our nation but also our Church. We have lived with exaggerated freedoms for so long, this is a call now for every citizen to ‘live exaggerated responsibility in service of the Common Good’. Let us not forget an equally insidious, if not greater, scourge – white collar crime and corruption.

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